Ask4Job Second Transnational Meeting in Chania, Greece on the 26th and 27ht, March, 2018

11 partners from 9 countries, among them Business Foundation for Education, have gathered together for their 2nd transnational meeting in Chania to work on the project Ask4Job, 2017-1-IT02-KA204-036755 activities and plan further actions. They have discussed the Scouting Analysis Results from all partners’ countries, performed in order to analyse needs of digital-literacy expressed by enterprises … Read more

The Open Mind gamified course starts in March. Enroll now!

After piloting with 120 students and adult learners, the Open Mind gamified online course “Introduction to the Social Entrepreneurship” officially starts in mid-March on The course is especially targeting women, adult learners and students from diverse fields of study, with the aim to improve access and attract more people to entrepreneurship. It contains 8 … Read more

Level Up Project will promote VET with game based interactive platform

BFE is a part of the exciting Level Up project, which started in September 2017 with the aim to promote VET through game based online platform. Level Up will explore game-based learning approaches to develop an interactive tool for use in guidance sessions with young people. This attractive approach will contribute to breakdown stereotypes around … Read more

Kick-off Meeting of Ladies first! project on the 23rd and 24th, November, 2017 in Paris, France

There are fundamental knowledge, skills and competences every career practitioner, mentor, teacher and trainer needs to develop and improve in order to practice with due professional care and add value to people’s lives. There are also specific knowledge, skills and competences that build upon the acquired fundamental ones and that are required by the work … Read more

Business Foundation for Education is representing Bulgaria in the Erasmus KA2 Project Adults’ Skills for Job Oriented Breakthrough Ask4Job, 2017-1-IT02-KA204-036755

The Ask4Job project which has been officially launched in Rome, Italy, takes inspiration from the Recommendation A new skills agenda for Europe (COM 2016 – 381 Final) which urges to up-skill and re-skill the European labour force with digital skills, in order to keep it productive in the jobs and support adults to acquire a … Read more

The Open Mind gamified e-course is here!

Open Mind is an Erasmus+ project, which aims at promoting Social Entrepreneurship to female learners and students from non-business studies through an innovative gamified open online course. It has been already one year since 8 organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania and UK joined efforts to create a new learning experience for people interested in … Read more