Mental Health benchmarking tool

During the last year and a half, the topic of mental health gained significant attention and more and more people and organization are becoming aware about the challenges it imposes and the steps that need to be undertaken. To support these processes the Mental Health+ project team elaborated a Benchmarking Tool: and invites you to take advantage from it.

The Benchmarking Tool allows education organisations to assess how mental health inclusive their current provision is against the MH+ Charter by answering 20 questions in 3 key areas – Policy; Training and Teaching Approaches; and Communication and Access to Information. Based on your answers your organisation will be given a mental health footprint – the lower footprint, the more mental health inclusive your organisation is! Alongside your footprint will be key areas for improvement and recommendations on how these can be addressed.

The Mental Health+ team is lead by Aspire-international from the United Kingdom and includes Business Foundation for Education from Bulgaria, CESIE from Italy, Learnmera Oy from Finland, Hugarafl from Iceland and Fundación Intras from Spain.