The Open Mind final report received 94 out of 100 points for quality!

The Open Mind final report received 94 out of 100 points for quality. 

The innovative gamified open online course in social entrepreneurship attracted more than 1000 learners. It was a pleasure for us in the Business Foundation for Education, to be a part of this great partnership and adventure!

According to the final evaluation: “The project provides solid statistical data and analysis supporting the need for boosting entrepreneurial skills among university students, especially those from under-represented groups in entrepreneurship in general, such as women. The innovative character of the project lies in the social entrepreneurship combine with a gamified approach in the development of the training program and emphasis on women and other underrepresented groups in entrepreneurship. The project demonstrates good value for money. Project activities improve existing education practices and structures. “


The Open Mind partnership has produced all planned results and outputs and exceeded the envisaged outreach.

The innovative gamified platform in social entrepreneurship attracted more than 1000 students, instead of 600, which was the targeted minimum.  As the impact assessment shows, 98% of students agreed that the course improved their knowledge of social entrepreneurship and their multidisciplinary/soft skills. 84% are very satisfied with their learning experience and 82% are very pleased with the knowledge about social entrepreneurship obtained during the training.


Testimonies from participants:

  • “The project is interesting, it can be useful for people planning a social enterprise.”
  • “A great initiative”
  • “The project fits well with current needs”
  • “A useful initiative”
  • “I never really thought about setting up my own business before I saw this [MOOC] but I did enjoy today when we started to think of business ideas on things that I care about like climate change and art” (Student, Art and Design)
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