BFE presented the National career guidance curriculum and its career projects in a webinar, organized by Euroguidance Netherlands

The BFE project manager Nevena Rakovska took part in a webinar, organized by Euroguidance Netherlands to present the Bulgarian career guidance curriculum in secondary education. The webinar was attended by career guidance policy experts and practitioners from across Europe and also by career guidance professional from India.

Presentation from the webinar

She used the opportunity to present the most current career development projects of BFE, and more specifically Future Time Traveller and Level Up, which use game-based learning as a closer approach to reach young people. 

Future Time Traveller game is a European innovative good practice for helping pupils get more informed about the jobs of the future using unique 3D virtual learning environment. The career missions teleport the players to the year 2050 and help them find out how the world of work will change and what will be the skills for the future.


Level Up uses mobile technologies to create a digital board game for promoting the career opportunities the vocational education and training provides for young people. 

CINOP Level Up

Later this week BFE charirperson Gergana Andreeva will present the Future Time Traveller and the Level Up game in another event about the new trends in career guidance.