Gergana Andreeva took part in HR meetup

Gergana Rakovska, the Chairperson of Business Foundation for Education, participates in the fourth edition of Business Leaders and HR Meetup in Tryavna, organized by JobTiger

HR Weekend 200619 Announcement

Gergana Rakovska has been a moderator of a discussion on the “Medium-term and Long-term Forecasts for Labor Market Development and Future Demand and Supply of Labor in Bulgaria” report, elaborated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The Business Foundation for Education is part of the team that has worked on the Report. Participants learned more about the report’s data and how they can use them strategically in their future plans.

HR Weekend 200619 Gergana 3

During the discussion, Diana Andreeva made a demonstration of one of the missions in Future Time Traveler game, developed under the FUTURE project, coordinated by Business Foundation for Education and funded by the European Commission. The game aims to introduce young people from generation Z to the future profession through missions and challenges in the 3D virtual world. 

HR Weekend 200619 Diana FUTURE demonstration 2
HR Weekend 200619 FUTURE demonstration

The event brings together owners and managers of companies from various business sectors and HR business specialists. With its informal and friendly environment, the event has established itself as a tradition in the calendar of the HR community in Bulgaria.

HR Weekend 200619