Career Skills Project final events and results

On October 18, 2022 the Career Skills Project partners met for the last time in Beauvais, France, and discussed the results of the 3-year initiative, funded by the European Commission.

е срещнаха за последен път в Бове, Франция, за да оценят постиженията на 3-годишната инициатива, финансирана от Европейската комисия. Домакин на срещата беше Международната мрежа на Cités des métiers, която включва 33 информационно-консултантски звена в 6 държави, с които споделихме резултатите от нашата работа.

The Career Skills Project was launched in December 2019 with the aim of creating a European CAREER SKILLS PLATFORM aimed at people of all ages. The platform has 670 registered users and more than 3200 unique visitors from all over Europe. It includes several complementary elements:
THE CAREER SKILLS FRAMEWORK describes 12 key competencies – from self-awareness, communication, and career planning to leadership, resilience, and creativity – across 3 levels. The ONLINE TOOL helps people to assess their skills, and the MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE develops them.

Разработихме цялостен свободно достъпен ОНЛАЙН КУРС ПО КАРИЕРНИ УМЕНИЯ, който съдържа 12 модула, които помогат на хората от всички възрастни да подобрят уменията си.

The course includes 12 modules, with a total duration of 75 hours. They contain 360 different practical exercises, divided into 3 levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. This makes the learning content suitable for both students and intermediate and expert-level employees. Users can learn at their own pace – they have the option to go directly to the skill level they are interested in and complete it in a few hours, or spend 10 minutes each day and go through the entire course content in 1 year.

The course was piloted with 520 career advisors and clients who provided excellent feedback:

“I am impressed by the innovation and interactivity. I have not come across such a course. Interesting, challenging, useful, and complex – it combines a number of competencies in the context of the specific goal – training in a career skill related to language and digital competence, a creative approach in each module, distinguishing the different levels of mastery of the skill and an extremely innovative methodology!”

“The Creativity module stood out to me as particularly inspiring!
As a feeling, after the Employment Skills Module, I was left with encouragement and purposefulness, and after Creativity – scope, windedness, the loss of limitations. Thanks for these sensations, for the wonderful exercises, and for the whole system of modules, which will be so useful in practice!”

“The exercises on identifying strengths, and how to present yourself persuasively were very useful for me, and I also found quite a few useful tips to improve my application documents.”

“Extremely useful and affordably made materials. The exercises are varied and filled with interesting articles.”

“Admirations for the project, the amazing training material, and the effectiveness of the tools provided.”

“It broadens the view of professional possibilities, encourages creativity, critical thinking, independence, self-knowledge and many other extremely important qualities that need to be worked on.”

The online CAREER SERVICES MAP presents over 420 career registered career centers, consultants and organizations in Europe.
The NETWORK section of the platform enables career consultants to promote their initiatives, events, good practices and useful resources with colleagues and the general public for free. To date, over 120 news and events have been shared across the web.

All products will remain freely available in English, German, French, Bulgarian, Greek and Finnish until the end of 2025 on the platform, under a Creative Commons license allowing free sharing and use of the materials with attribution required of the source.

The project was promoted in over 60 events involving more than 600 participants, including 140 policy-level experts, 70 of whom shared their advice with our audience. The Career Skills Project Facebook page has over 700 followers and the YouYube channel contains over 540 thematic videos aimed at the development of 12 identified career skills in different languages. Through their channels, the partners promoted the project to more than 162,000 people, and through our comprehensive information campaign, including various associated organizations, it reached more than 600,000 people.

The project has been coordinated by the Business Foundation for Education in Bulgaria and involves the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, Réseau International des Cités des métiers in France, VHS Cham in Germany, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in Greece and Aspire-international in the UK.

During the last months of the project, the partners organized a series of final conferences and workshops where they presented the results of the initiative.

The final event in Sofia took place on 27.09.2022

For more up-to-date information and news, follow the Facebook page of the project –

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