ELMET Final Meeting and Project Results

Today the ELMET project partners met for the last time. The 2-year Erasmus+ initiative has been very fruitful, inspiring, and fulfilling for us.

We developed a comprehensive toolkit of educational escape rooms for trainers, in order to promote the development of soft skills. Due to its attractive approach, the methodology is highly applicable across educational sectors and target groups – from students with limited experience to seniors with outdated skills.

The ELMET Toolbox consists of an attractive 4-modular open online course, 2 guides for the development and exploitation of physical and digital educational escape rooms, a platform for designing and playing online escape rooms, as well as ready-to-use scenarios – 3 physical and 3 in digital environment. In addition, the partners have collected over 200 helpful resource videos on the ELMET project YouTube channel.

The partners outperformed all planned indicators of the project and attracted 166 pilot users – learners, trainers, and education experts. More than 90% of the participants shared very positive feedback on the inspiring, easy to use and engaging materials:

“Extremely up-to-date, modern and interesting course for trainers, as well as for people interested in new learning methods. The process keeps me motivated, engaged, and interested all the time. Thank you!!!”

“I liked that the Guide was really a step-by-step guide. There is even a description of how to arrange the room, which is extremely valuable for me, for people who are yet to create such spaces.”

“The manual for creating a digital room is written in detail and in a very accessible language. It motivates me to try to use digital escape rooms in the field of career development and socio-emotional skills.”

“The online platform and scenarios are easily accessible and intuitive. I really like the resources, such as creating a fake newspaper, fonts, etc., for me, they are extremely useful.”

“The piloting of the physical escape room scenarios was a valuable experience in which I had the opportunity to acquire a new skill in a short and efficient way. In addition, this technology helps to bring the participants closer together, and is a great starting point for further work on the topic or on issues related to it! In a word – I am happy that I realized this session!”.

The information campaign of the project has reached out to more than 100 000 recipients across the partners’ networks. The products have been shared as best practices by Euroguidance and Refernet Bulgaria, as well as by municipalities and renowned education providers.

The ELMET methodology and materials already inspired new initiatives on a national and European level and will remain freely available in English, Spanish, Greek and Bulgarian on the project platform https://elmetproject.eu/

ELMET has been coordinated by Arabako Foru Aldundia-Diputación Foral de Álava in Spain, and involves the University Of Thessaly in Greece, Citizens In Power in Cyprus, Media Creativa 2020 in Bilbao, Spain and the Business Foundation for Education in Bulgaria.

For more information and up-to-date news, follow the ELMET Facebook page.

This project is financed with the support of the European Commission. This network reflects only the views of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. Project number: 2020-1-ES01-KA202-082685