The ELMET project uses educational escape rooms to develop transferable skills

ELMET is an Erasmus+ funded project that promotes Educational Escape Rooms as an innovative methodology for developing key competencies needed in the changing labor market. The main target group are trainers and career counselors who work with adult learners, especially those who need to upgrade and update skills.

The Educational escape rooms are physical or online spaces where learners have limited time to go through pre-formulated challenges during which they develop knowledge and skills. Scenarios and games are planned in advance, according to the specific learning objectives.

Among the different types of games applied in education, educational puzzle rooms stand out for their attractive and engaging approach, applicability with heterogeneous groups of learners and in different contexts. This makes them suitable for developing a wide range of skills – from science, arts and more. educational disciplines – to transferable competences such as teamwork skills, digital skills, problem solving, etc.

The ELMET Toolbox includes a complete set of tools that facilitate the creation and implementation of educational escape rooms: The training course includes four training modules that introduce in detail the methodology of educational rooms of riddles, content, riddles, necessary materials and resources.

The training course includes four training modules that introduce in detail the methodology of the educational rooms of the riddles, the content, the riddles, the necessary materials and resources.

3 educational puzzle room scenarios designed to develop social, digital and green skills that can be printed and used in a physical environment and are also available in a digital version.

The platform contains a Guide to Creating Digital Escape Rooms, as well as a template with a rich set of free resources – games, puzzles, crosswords, ciphers, and clue generators (news, tickets, voices, etc.) with which trainers can create their own online educational escape rooms.

In addition to the course, there is a practical manual that explains step by step the process of creating, implementing, facilitating and evaluating escape rooms, with many useful tips and examples.

All materials are freely available in 4 languages, including Bulgarian, on the ELMET project website –

For up-to-date news and more useful resources, follow the ELMET Facebook page.

The ELMET project is implemented by an international partnership with coordinator Diputación Foral de Álava (Spain) and partners Media Creativa (Spain), University of Thessaly (Greece), Citizens in Power (Cyprus) and Foundation of Business for Education (Bulgaria).

Project No: 2020-1-ES01-KA202-082685