Final event of the CRAFT project

The final event of the CRAFT – Coworking in Rural Areas to prepare young people for Future Trends project took place today in Kristiansund, Norway.

Video from the event

The initiative is funded by the Erasmus + program and aims to promote the employability and entrepreneurship of young people in rural areas through co-working.

The consortium is coordinated by Częstochowskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Małej Przedsiębiorczości in Poland and includes CIAPE – Italian Permanent Learning Centre in Italy, Telematics Center – CTI in Greece, Institute STEP for Occupational Psychology and Entrepreneurship in Slovenia, Desa Dubrovnik Regional Center for Community Building and Civil society development in Croatia and Kunnskapstrening IT in Norway and the Business Foundation for Education in Bulgaria.

In the last 2 years, we have developed a training program with 3 modules, which expands the knowledge of young people from small towns for various career opportunities, self-employment, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. The CRAFT training program includes many practical examples, inspiring case studies, and perspectives for the future of the work.

Learners can test and develop their knowledge in the 3D virtual world with the challenges of the 7 scenarios. The game model offers an engaging way to improve various competencies, such as critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving.

Video of the platform

In September 2021 we organized one-week learning mobility in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where we presented the project to a group of 17 young people from the partner countries.

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