The WINGS project will help entrepreneurs develop competences to run business internationally

WINGS kick-off

The internationalization of companies is an important issue for EU and in the recent years. Nevertheless there is a lack of internationalization spirit and knowledge to ensure that a company will have success abroad with a certain stability ensured. So, there is a gap between the need for knowledge and the knowledge that is needed to ensure an internalization company success. By developing internationalization abilities among SMEs, start-ups, potential entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary knowledge we seek to fill that gap.

 The WINGS project – “INternationalization serious Game for Start-ups and entrepreneurs” – is an Erasmus+ funded initiative aiming to identify core and innovative learning methods that best encourage success in international activities for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The specific project aim is to embed strategic management Virtual Games (VG) within business education by enhancing trainers’ competencies to create virtual reality contents and use it on strategic management training.

 The project involves 6 organizations: the University of Cyprus, Danmar Consulting – Poland, FyG Consultores – Spain, INOVA+ Portugal, the Business Foundation for Education – Bulgaria and Bitz – Czech Republic. The kick-off meeting took place in Nicosia in December 2018. 

 In the next 2 years the partnership will produce 3 main outputs:

  • Competence framework on Start-ups and entrepreneurs internationalization report;
  • Online training course for developing the skills and competences for starting and running a successful international company;
  • and a set of 6 serious on-line game cases that will allow entrepreneurs to practically train the skills necessary to develop and expand their own businesses abroad.