Wings partner meeting in Prague and Newsletter 2

The WINGS partnership has gathered in Prague to plan their next steps. 

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So far the partners researched the entrepreneurship development and the entrepreneurial education in their countries, and have surveyed the use of innovative technologies, such as mobile applications, online games, virtual environments, etc in the training process.

 In the period March – April 2019 the wINGS partnership conducted an online research in the 6 partner countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The survey aimed to evaluate and analyze the trainers and educators’ competences on the level of Virtual Gaming and ICT-usage, as well as their opinion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the use of these resources in learning and teaching processes.300 teachers and trainers took part in the survey. 45% of the respondents use ICT resources in their classes most days of the week,19% – once a week, 18% – once a month, 12% – once or couple of times a year and 5% – never. Most of the respondents feel confident in their ICT mastery, and 16% lack confidence.There are no strict requirements about ICT training of teaching staff in the participants’ schools. 63% of the teachers and trainers say they are not obliged to pass an ICT training.30% of the teachers have participated in no ICT training at all or in one that was shorter than a day during the past 2 years.72% of teachers and trainers who took part in the survey have been involved in introductory course on internet use and general applications and 66%have improved their ICT skills through self-development. In Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland more than 80% rely on self-development.The survey participants mostly use internet-based resources for preparing lessons and training materials.The large majority of the respondents agree completely or to a great extent about the benefits of ICT at school. More than 80% of the participants are convinced in the educational impact of virtual games or agree that it is worthwhile implementing them in the training process, especially for skill building and motivation.The biggest concerns regarding the use of virtual gaming at school are the lack of adequate skills of teachers, insufficient computers and internet and lack of technical support.

Based on the results, the consortium will elaborate online training program and serious educational games, which will aim to support the startups and entrepreneurs in the successful internationalization of their companies.

 The training will focus on developing the Global entrepreneurship mindset and the core entrepreneurial competencies, the intercultural communication, change management, marketing and business skills of the learners.  Follow our Facebook page and the Wings project website for more up-to-date information.


Project No: 2018-1-CY01-KA202-046856

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