Second partner meeting of New Care project

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The topics of the future of the labour market trends and professions dynamics are large discussed and used as starting points of many analyses, new job profiles and respective training programs. These topics are very important for the career practitioners in the different countries in order to be up-to-date and adequate in their professional performance.


People often focus on the foreseen changes that come together with the rapid technological development. However, there are other crucial factors that lead to the emerging of new professions and the need of new training programs provision – among them the demographic changes is one of the most outstanding.


The second partner meeting of the New Care project took place in Rome on June 21-22 with worm hospitality of CIAPE.  The main topic of the meeting was the preparation of the training materials for the Professional of reference in nursing homes for the application of the CPCC model.


As the partnership have written on their website: “Europe is getting older. Both the Commission and the European Council acknowledge that the impact of demographic ageing on European social models calls for a strong response. The changes related to aging are affecting fundamental aspects for the wellbeing and dignity of older people, which implies the need of a new strategy on the traditional model of long term care in European countries.


A Comprehensive Person-Centered Care Model (Hereafter, CPCC Model) requires new competencies and roles for its working performance. A new professional figure emerges in this area as the Professional of reference in nursing homes for the application of the CPCC Model (Hereafter, CPCC Professional). This profile is defined as a qualified technician, responsible for the coordination of services in the residential centre.”


The New-Care project aims to develop a group of open educational resources addressed to the new professional profile. The project is coordinated by Asociación Edad Dorada Mensajeros de la Paz C-LM y Galicia, Spain with the active involvement of BFE from Bulgaria, CIAPE from Italy, Asociatia Habilitas from Romania and SOSU Oestjylland from Denmark. The partners gathered for their second transnational meeting in June, 2018 in Rome, Italy and discussed the process, main milestones and guidelines for the elaboration of the training curriculum for the New Professional profile.


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