CRAFT – lessons learned

Project Craft – Coworking in Rural Areas to Prepare Young People for Future Trends has officially been completed, but the topics that the partnership has been working on in the last 2 years are becoming more relevant.

1. Updating skills in the era of technological innovation and social challenges is crucial. Interactive methods of learning through games and online platforms are the future of learning.

2. Mobility, cooperation, and exchange of ideas in an intercultural team are invaluable experiences for young people. They need to be encouraged to develop these skills in order to cope with restrictions.

3. Digitization and distance work allows for the development of small settlements and youth entrepreneurship.

4. Climate changes and social challenges (Covid, War, Recession, Technology) forced the development of the circular economy, in which more and more young people will open opportunities for realization.

5. On the agenda is the thought of the future. Sustainable development should be imperative for all – institutions, training organizations, youth communities – so that these problems can be resolved through more support for mental health, the development of Steam skills and the circular economy.

6. European programs and projects are an important tool that contributes to achieving these goals.

7. The created innovative game platform in the 3D virtual world and the training program aimed at the future, the results achieved, the upgraded expertise, the partnerships created exceeded the initially set goals of the project. We leave many more ideas, sown among young people, professionals, and institutions, as well as new projects inspired by Craft – Coworking in Rural Areas to Prepare Young People for Future Trends.

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