The new project CRAFT upgrades FUTURE

The FUTURE project continues with a new upgrading initiative, called CRAFT – Co-working in Rural Areas to prepare young people for Future Trends.

3 of the FUTURE project partners – Business Foundation for Education, CIAPE – Italian Permanent Learning Centre and Computer Technology Institute in Greece – join efforts with 4 other organizations – Czestochowa Small Business Development Association in Poland (coordinator), the Slovenian Institute STEP for Occupational Psychology and Entrepreneurship, DESA – Dubrovnik Regional Center for Community Building and Civil society development in Croatia and the Norwegian training organization Kunnskapstrening It.

CRAFT will step on the findings and results of FUTURE and Go Circular to supporting young people from European rural areas in launching co-working places. To achieve this, in the next 2 years the partnership will design a training program and a 3D Virtual World platform, which will promote the skills needed in the future labor market in the areas of entrepreneurship in:

  • personal care and health
  • green economy
  • STEAM.

The CRAFT kick-off meeting took place in a hybrid mode (Rome/ZOOM) on September 10-11, allowing the partners to plan their first activities. BFE, CTI and CIAPE presented the Future Time Traveller platform and the learning environment, combining game-based scenarios in a 3D virtual world, as well as the key messages concerning the evolution of jobs in the next years.

We are looking forward to another successful and inspiring initiative, funded under Erasmus+ programme.