New Care team meets in Bucharest, Romania

The second partner meeting of the New Care project took place in Bucharest, Romania on the 21st and 22nd, February, 2019 with worm hospitality of Asociatia Habilitas – Centru de Resurse si Formare Profesionala. 


The project team gathered to review the intellectual outputs produced and to plan the piloting phase of the project.


The New-Care project aims to develop a group of open educational resources addressed to the new professional profile. The project is coordinated by Asociación Edad Dorada Mensajeros de la Paz C-LM y Galicia, Spain with the active involvement of BFE from Bulgaria, CIAPE from Italy, Asociatia Habilitas from Romania and SOSU Oestjylland from Denmark. 

More information about the project you can find on: and