Be Positive Partners Meeting in Bulgaria

Business Foundation for Education, the Bulgarian partner in Be Positive project, 2014-1-SE01-KA202-000988, has hosted the second partners meeting in Sofia on the 21st, May, 2015.

Be Positive Meeting Sofia 21052015 02  Be Positive Meeting Sofia 21052015 01

The project addresses one of the hottest topics around Europe – the youth unemployment and the NEETs phenomenon. Career counsellors can be of real help in this situation and to provide them with a useful tool for addressing some of the main challenges that NEETs are facing a group of experienced organizations gathered to develop a new innovative method of training courses that will empower young unemployed individuals and/or NEETs.

This will be accomplished by elaborating a training curriculum Be Positive in modular form – process that will be led by partners from the United Kingdom. It will be implemented with 100 – 150 young unemployed and/or NEETs in Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Sweden to ensure the effectiveness and cultural adaptation. The final product will be available for free via the projects website.

The main conclusions and outcomes of the analytical phase of the project has been discussed among the partnership during the meeting. More information about Be Positive you can find on the project website and on the Facebook page.