The Prometheus project successfully implemented

 The Prometheus project, 2014-1-BG01-KA204-001560, funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union has been successfully implemented by Business Foundation for Education (Bulgaria) together with its partners CIAPE (Italy), BEST (Austria), IED (Greece), Aspire-i Ltd. (UK) and CIT (Ireland).

 Prometheus is the Greek god that gave fire and hope to the people. Hope helps human beings to struggle to improve their lives while fire, as the source of technology, makes success in that struggle possible.

What better metaphor can one find for the nowadays career counsellors and guidance practitioners. Their expertise and experience ensures that they can transfer the hope of better personal and professional realization to the people they work with and for. The rapid technologies’ development changes the dimensions of the learning and counselling environments and methodologies and the fire they need to make the counselling process more relevant and adequate to the new virtual generation’s needs and attitudes is the next logical step in the development of their profession – the online environment.

 PROMETHEUS-EU.NET is that One Stop Virtual Space for Career Counselling and Guidance Services they need. All the project’s products are available on and via the platform – Career Pathways Research and Analysis Report, 100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book, Prometheus Peer Network, Online Career Counselling Guide and Prometheus Toolkit with 5 career counselling mobile apps.

All the project intellectual outputs are available for free of charge use at least until 2021 in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek and Italian languages.

The PROMETHEUS Intellectual Outputs will facilitate the enhanced participation in learning as well as the employability by developing quality career guidance, counselling and support services.

Career counsellors, guidance practitioners, human resources professionals and all other interested people are also most welcome to follow the Prometheus project on its facebook page and its linkedin group