Time Capsule “Jobs of the Future” contest for young people aged 13-19

FUTURE Contest-Youth banner EN

FUTURE Contest-Youth banner EN

Young people from the Generation Z, are you ready for the jobs of the future? How do you imagine a job in 2050 that doesn’t exist yet?

We challenge you to Take part in the contest for young people aged 13-19 and share your vision about how the jobs of the future will look like.

Get on board now!

You have 2 options to participate:

(1) Join our Future Time Traveller career game. It will take you to the year 2050 with the mission to explore the future and become its ambassador. 

The game will help you explore how the world is going to change in the future, what challenges will need to be addressed; and what are the key drivers and trends that will shape the world of work.

(2) or you can submit your ideas directly via the online application form 

Then you will have to prepare a short description of a job that doesn’t exist yet, but can emerge in the next decades.

Tell us how you imagine it: How will this job of the future look like? What kind of tasks is it going to include? Who is going to perform it and what skills will it demand?

You can describe the future job in one of the following formats:

  • in a short essay (up to 500 words);
  • in a PowerPoint presentation (up to 5 slides and some images);
  • in a short video (up to 1 minute).

Take part in the contest and you can win some of our cool tech gadgets awards!

Find out more information about the contest herehttp://future-time-traveller.eu/time-capsule-jobs-of-the-future/