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Hello World! The Future is here. We are please to welcome you on board of our future time travel machine!

FUTURE Time Traveller (FUTURE) is a European project that aims at transforming career guidance of generation Z through an innovative, games-based scenario approach and to prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future.

The world has entered a new era – the one of the forth industrial revolution. The Future of Jobs Report, Skills Panorama and many labour market skills intelligence sources reveal the magnitude of technologic development, coupled with socio-economic and demographic trends, and its impact on industries, job functions, employment levels and skills. Futurists expect that 2 billion jobs that exist todaywill disappear by 2030 and that 65% of children entering primary school today will have new job types that don’t exist yet.

The future of work lies with generation Z – the demographic cohort, born in the early 2000s, called the „digital natives“, who are estimated to make up around 27% of the global population. By the time Generation Z enter the workplace, digital technology would be an aspect of almost all career paths, creating new ways of doing things, new type of jobs and demanding new types of skills and most of all – innovative thinking.

Future generation Z

Technological developments, societal changes and labour market transformations are only part of the challenges for traditional approaches to career guidance. The Future calls for a new paradigm for young people, educators and leaders. It is not enough to show children HOW the world is changing. They need to understand WHY it is changing, WHAT kind of challenges and jobs it will bring, what type of SKILLS it will require. Career guidance services need to transform to GUIDANDE TO THE FUTURE and guidance and education policy need to transform to LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE.

FUTURE Time Traveller aims to:

• Foster innovation thinking and future-oriented mindset of young people – through an innovative game-based virtual reality that will help them explore the future world, understand the trends that shape the future world of work, the emerging jobs, the skills they will require;

• Enhance the innovation capacity of career guidance practitioners and experts – with methodology, workshops, contest and e-book of best practices for innovative career services;

• Give impetus to innovation and future-oriented career guidance policies, making use of innovative technologies and learning methods and labour market intelligence – with policy studies and impact evidence report.

To achieve this, in the next 3 years we will implement the following activities:

In 2018 we will conduct a policy mapping study and elaborate policy mapping study „Future-looking career guidance agenda – preparing young people for future jobs through innovative career services“. The study will focus on 3 critical factors: young people’s awareness about future jobs; career guidance practitioners’ capacity for innovation; and the role of policy support for sustainable, quality, innovative career guidance development. The findings of the study will be presented during seminars for policy makers in the end of the year. Meanwhile, we will start the elaboration of the virtual reality platform, and the methodology for game-based scenario development.

Next year, after testing and piloting, the platform and methodology will be presented in demonstration events and creative workshops on developing scenarios for innovative career guidance. We will organize competition for innovative career guidance services and Facebook contest for young people Time Capsule „Jobs of the Future“.

In 2020 we will elaborate E-book with the best practices of innovative career services and prepare a policy evidence report. All products will be gathered in a FUTURE Roadmap report which will help mainstream the project approach, methodology and policy messages. The project results will be presented in final events in all partner countries. 

Future partnership

The FUTURE partnership involves 7 acknowledged organizations in the areas of career guidance, learning innovations and technology development, supported by more than 30 associate partners – public institutions and forward-thinking organizations across Europe.

 The project coordinator Business Foundation for Education is a Bulgarian NGO with recognized policy making capacity. Since 2005 BFE trained 1000 career guidance practitioners, established a network of 37 university career centers, initiated National Internship Program and launched national school career guidance model.

 Computer Technology Institute and Press „Diophantus“ supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education, is a coordinator of the Greek school network and is responsible for the ICT policies in the Greek Education system and for the VET of teachers in the field of Digital Literacy.

 Aspire-Igen group is the UK Euroguidance center, the largest careers and training organisation in the Yorkshire region and a recognised centre of excellence for professional development for careers and guidance professionals.

 The European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC) is a non-profit organization registered in Portugal, which serves as a European expert hub for initial and continuing vocational training and credentialing of career guidance practitioners.

 Centro Italiano per l’Appredimento Permanente (CIAPE) is the Italian permanent learning centre. It is the transnational coordinator of the „Quality Apprenticeships European Network“ and member of two CEDEFOP communities in VET.

•  The Innovation in Learning Institute is as a central research institute at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, widely involved in European R&D Projects in the field of innovative learning technologies.

The University of Lodz is a leading public higher education provider in Poland, which has gained a place in the QS World University Rankings. Its 12 faculties provide programmes in 90 fields of study to 37,000 students.


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