The Future Time Traveller game was demonstrated during the “New Trends in Career Guidance” national seminar

Gergana Andreeva took part in the “New Trends in Career Guidance” national seminar, which took place on June 27th in Sofia. She presented the FUTURE project and demonstrated the Future Time Traveller innovative career game developed in 3D virtual learning environment, as well as various career guidance tools recently launched by the Business Foundation for Education.  Digitisation … Read more

BFE presented the National career guidance curriculum and its career projects in a webinar, organized by Euroguidance Netherlands

The BFE project manager Nevena Rakovska took part in a webinar, organized by Euroguidance Netherlands to present the Bulgarian career guidance curriculum in secondary education. The webinar was attended by career guidance policy experts and practitioners from across Europe and also by career guidance professional from India. Presentation from the webinar She used the opportunity to present the most current … Read more

Gergana Andreeva took part in HR meetup

Gergana Rakovska, the Chairperson of Business Foundation for Education, participates in the fourth edition of Business Leaders and HR Meetup in Tryavna, organized by JobTiger Gergana Rakovska has been a moderator of a discussion on the “Medium-term and Long-term Forecasts for Labor Market Development and Future Demand and Supply of Labor in Bulgaria” report, elaborated by the … Read more

Level Up meeting in Sofia

The Business Foundation for Education hosted the fourth international meeting of the Level Up partnership in Sofia, which took place on 6-7 of June 2019. The project envolves 7 organizations from UK, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria. It embraces Game Based Learning (GBL) technology within careers guidance to stimulate the interest of young people to Vocational Education … Read more